Willingness to pay vs. willingness to vote: consumer and voter avoidance of genetically modified foods

(with Gina Waterfield and David Zilberman). American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Advanced Access (2020). Link Here.


Hindered growth

(with Moshe Elitzur and David Zilberman). Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. Advanced Access (2020). Link Here.


What can the literature on technology adoption teach us about autonomous vehicles?

(with Ben Gordon, Feras El-Zarwi, Joan Walker, and David Zilberman). Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 41(4), 583-597 (2019). Link Here.


Soda wars: The effect of a soda tax election on university beverage sales

(with Becca TaylorSofia B. Villas Boas, and Kevin Jung). Economic Inquiry 57(3), 1480-96 (2019). Link Here.

[press: KCBS Radio, Berkeley News, AusTaxPolicy Blog, Breakthroughs Magazine]


The political economy of labeling

(with David Zilberman and Ben Gordon). Food Policy 78, 6-13 (2018). Link Here


The political economy of biotechnology

(with David Zilberman, Gregory Graff, and Gal Hochman). German Journal of Agricultural Economics 64(4), 212-23 (2015). Link Here.


Continents divided: understanding differences on GM acceptance between Europe and North America

(with David Zilberman, Eunice Kim, Gregory Graff, and Gal Hochman). GM Crops and Food: Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Food Chain 4(3), 202-08 (2013). Link Here.


Technology and the future bioeconomy

(with David Zilberman, Eunice Kim, and Sam Kirschner) Agricultural Economics 44(s1), 95-102 (2013). Link Here.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications*
Papers Submitted or Under Review
Selected Conference Publications

The economic value of superstars: Evidence from secondary marketplace and television ratings data from the National Basketball Association

Accepted Paper at the 13th Annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, March 1-2, 2019Current Version HereConference Version HereWinner of Best Poster Award. [press: Outside the Lines (interview below)MIT Sloan Management Review, Business Insider​, NBC Sports]

Higher sugar-sweetened beverage retail prices after taxation in Oakland and San Francisco

(with Jennifer Falbe, Matthew Lee, Nadia Rojas, Alberto Ortega Hinojosa, and Kristine Madsen). Conditionally Accepted at American Journal of Public Health.

Media Publications

Preferences for GMOs: Do purchasing patterns differ from voting behavior?

(with Gina Waterfield and David Zilberman). ARE Update (2019). Link Here.


Lessons from Berkeley's sugar-sweetened beverage election and tax

(with Becca Taylor and Sofia B. Villas Boas). ARE Update (2019). Link Here.


Did Zion's 'shoe explosion' actually impact Nike's value?

Fansided: Nylon Calculus (2019). Link Here.


The cost of delaying approval of Golden Rice

(with Justus Wesseler and David Zilberman). ARE Update (2014). Link Here.


The political economy of biofuel

(with Gal Hochman, Eunice Kim, and David Zilberman). Choices (2014). Link Here.


An overview of California's agricultural adaptation to climate change

(with David Zilberman). ARE Update (2014). Link Here.

Works in Progress

Evaluating demand for outcome uncertainty: Behavioral evidence from the National Basketball Association


The impact of temperature on recreation: Evidence from secondary ticket marketplace microdata for Major League Baseball games

(with Hal Gordon). 


Recreational damages from air pollution: Evidence from secondary ticket marketplace microdata for outdoor professional sporting events

(with Hal Gordon). 


The impact of high-yield technologies on the cocoa market in West Africa

(with Felipe de Figueiredo Silva, Matthew Potts, and David Zilberman).


Estimated losses in the world market of bananas due to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense Tropical race 4

(with Felipe de Figueiredo Silva, Freddy Magdama, Ramon Leonardo Espinel Martinez, David Zilberman, and Matthew Potts).


Are consumers willing to pay to avoid price uncertainty? Evidence from the vehicle leasing market

(with Andy Hultgren and Derek Wolfson). 

The impacts of recycling policies on convenience: Evidence from the CalRecycle program in California

(with Peter Berck, Gabriel Englander, Shelley He, Janet Horsager, and Sofia B. Villas Boas). 


*See my CV for a full list of peer-reviewed publications.

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