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Evaluation of changes in prices and purchases following implementation of sugar-sweetened beverage taxes across the United States

(with Justin White, Kristine Madsen, Sanjay Basu, Sofia B. Villas Boas, and Dean Schillinger). JAMA Health Forum 5(1): e234737 (2024)Link Here. Supplemental AppendixCodeJAMA Health Forum Lead ArticleNortheastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association (NAREA) 2023 Annual Meeting Emerging Scholar Best Conference Paper Award.

[press: NPR (All Things Considered), NPR (Health)CNN, US NewsUSA Today, Scholastic News, Fox BusinessYahoo, AxiosPhiladelphia Inquirer, Chicago Booth ReviewThe Daily Californian, JAMA Medical News in BriefFood Fix, Others]


Evaluation of the sugar-sweetened beverage tax in Oakland, United States, 2015-19: A quasi-experimental and cost-effectiveness study

(with Justin White, Sanjay Basu, Kristine Madsen, Dean Schillinger, and Sofia B. Villas Boas). PLOS Medicine 20(4): e1004212 (2023)Link HereSupplemental Appendix.

[press: NBC Bay AreaSan Francisco Chronicle, US News & World Report, The Daily Californian, UCSF]


Adolescent emergency department (ED) visits and mental health ED visits during the COVID-19 pandemic 

(with Sofia B. Villas Boas, Justin White, and Renee Hsia). JAMA Network Open 6(10): 2336463 (2023)Link Here.

[press: UC Berkeley]

Patterns of mental health-related emergency department visits during the COVID-19 pandemic

(with Sofia B. Villas Boas, Justin White, and Renee Hsia). JAMA Network Open 6(7): e2322720 (2023)Link Here. JNO Commentary

[press: Fierce Healthcare]

Trends in depression risk before and during the COVID-19 pandemic

(with Sofia B. Villas Boas, Justin White, and Renee Hsia). PLOS ONE 18(5): e0285282 (2023)Link Here.

[press: UC Berkeley]


Estimating worldwide benefits from improved bananas resistant to Fusarium Tropical Race 4

(with Felipe de Figueredo Silva, Freddy Magdama, Matthew D. Potts, Ramon Leonardo Espinel Martinez, and David Zilberman).

Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (JAAEA) 2(1), 20-34  (2023)Link Here.


The impact of policy timing on the spread of COVID-19

(with Moshe Elitzur, Zeljko Ivezic, and David Zilberman). Infectious Disease Modeling 6, 942-54 (2021). Link Here.

The political economy of COVID-19

(with Jacob Lefler and David Zilberman). Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 44: 477-88. (2021). Link Here. AEPP Press Release.


Higher sugar-sweetened beverage retail prices after taxation in Oakland and San Francisco

(with Jennifer Falbe, Matthew Lee, Nadia Rojas, Alberto Ortega Hinojosa, and Kristine Madsen). American Journal of Public Health 110(7), 1017-23 (2020). Link Here


Willingness to pay vs. willingness to vote: consumer and voter avoidance of genetically modified foods

(with Gina Waterfield and David Zilberman). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 102(2), 505-24 (2020)Link HereARE Update Article.


Soda wars: The effect of a soda tax election on university beverage sales

(with Becca TaylorSofia B. Villas Boas, and Kevin Jung). Economic Inquiry 57(3), 1480-96 (2019). Link Here. Ungated Version (preprint)ARE Update Article.

[press: KCBS Radio, Berkeley News, AusTaxPolicy Blog, Breakthroughs Magazine]


The political economy of labeling

(with David Zilberman and Ben Gordon). Food Policy 78, 6-13 (2018). Link Here

Food and Health
Media Publications

California vs. big soda

Asterisk Magazine, Issue 06: California (2024). Link Here. (Subscription Access Only).


Preferences for GMOs: Do purchasing patterns differ from voting behavior?

(with Gina Waterfield and David Zilberman). ARE Update (2019). Link Here.


Lessons from Berkeley's sugar-sweetened beverage election and tax

(with Becca Taylor and Sofia B. Villas Boas). ARE Update (2019). Link Here.


The cost of delaying approval of Golden Rice

(with Justus Wesseler and David Zilberman). ARE Update (2014). Link Here.

The political economy of biofuel

(with Gal Hochman, Eunice Kim, and David Zilberman). Choices (2014). Link Here.

An overview of California's agricultural adaptation to climate change

(with David Zilberman). ARE Update (2014). Link Here.

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