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Leveling the playing field: the distributional impact of maximum- and minimum-level contracts on player compensation

Contemporary Economic Policy 42(2): 375-91 (2024). Link Here. Ungated Version (preprint).

[press: TrueHoopBasketball Illuminati (starting at 27:05)]

Pay equality among heterogeneous agents

(with Ryan Hoffman and Ashwin Kambhampati). Economics Letters 229: 111188 (2023)Link Here. Ungated Version (preprint).

Putting a price on popularity: Evidence from superstars in the National Basketball Association 

Economic Inquiry 60(3), 1357-81 (2022). Link HereUngated Version (preprint)[Sample Replication].

[press: TrueHoop]

Sports and Entertainment


The economic value of superstars: Evidence from secondary marketplace and television ratings data from the National Basketball Association

Accepted Paper at the 13th Annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, March 1-2, 2019Conference Version HereWinner of Best Poster Award. [press: Outside the Lines (interview below)MIT Sloan Management Review, Business Insider​, NBC SportsThe Action Network]

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Did Zion's 'shoe explosion' actually impact Nike's value?

Fansided: Nylon Calculus (2019). Link Here.

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